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Become acquainted with Toyota Kata and put its discipline into action in this two-day practitioner-focused workshop:

What you will learn:

-Why directly implementing the tools of “lean” has such a poor record of sustaining results.
-The purpose of Toyota Kata as a tool for learning.
-The four steps of improving a process.
-The key questions for developing people’s improvement skills.
-How Toyota Kata works to:
Build a culture that inherently drives improvement.
Builds competence and clarity throughout the organization.

What you will practice:

-Analyzing processes and establishing targets for improvement.
-Rapid cycles of learning and improvement.
-Coaching a cycle of improvement.


-Learn to move from an “event driven” culture to a “daily driven” culture that allows for rapid response to meet the changing demands of the marketplace.
-Develop people through the Coaching Kata.
-Establish a clear understanding of Current Conditions.
-Define short-term Target Conditions.
-Increase ability to effectively communicate an organizational Vision & Strategy.
-Learn to drive sustainable results.
-Improve employee engagement.


Mark Rosenthal, Managing Director of Novayama Consulting, is a seasoned Toyota Kata teacher and coach with over two decades of experience in continuous improvement across a wide spectrum of operations.

  • When: Thu Mar. 22 - 8:00 am
    Fri Mar. 23 5:00 pm

  • Address: University of Wyoming/College of Business
    Laramie WY,US 82071

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