Find Outdoor Gear at Laramie's Cross Country Connection

Opportunities for outdoor recreation abound in Laramie, Wyoming and the surrounding area, making local business, Cross Country Connection, a popular spot among outdoor recreation enthusiasts. The shop, located at 222 South Second Street in downtown Laramie, specializes in apparel and gear for cross country skiing, snowshoeing, rock climbing, camping and backpacking, helping residents and visitors make the most of the vast Medicine Bow National Forest and other natural areas in the region.

Cross Country Connection has been serving the community since 1981, providing not only a wide selection of gear and apparel from top brands like Fischer, Salomon, Patagonia, Black Diamond, Petzl, Mountain Hardware, Smartwool and many others, but expert advice from enthusiastic staff members. Cross Country Connection customers praise the store’s staff for taking the time to carefully fit the buyer to the appropriate level of equipment for their level of experience and interest, rather than simply recommending the most expensive equipment in the store as some businesses are known to do. This level of dedication to ensuring that their customers will have a successful experience with the equipment they purchase in the store is no doubt a large contributor to Cross Country Connection’s longevity in the community.

In addition to equipment and apparel sales, Cross Country Connection also offers a wide variety of cross country ski and snowshoe equipment for rent, great for visitors to the area eager to check out the beautiful trails at the nearby Happy Jack Recreation Area in the Medicine Bow National Forest. The rental service is also a great way for beginner enthusiasts to try out one of these sports before committing to purchasing their own gear. Other services, such as waxing for both cross-country and downhill skis, binding mounts and the shop’s experienced staff also offers repairs. The store also offers rental packages for high school cross country ski racers and various events at the shop, like an evening waxing clinic, help to educate customers on how to make the most of their gear. Through the store’s Facebook page, Cross Country Connection staff provides information not just on new products arriving at the shop but also on snow conditions, gear reviews, upcoming events and even postings with pictures of gear found alongside the trail or around town that appears to have been lost, a virtual lost-and-found for the local outdoor recreation community.

In the winter, it’s all about the skiing and snowshoeing at Cross Country Connection but the summer outdoor sports scene in the Laramie area is just as abundant and important. The Vedauwoo campground and rock climbing area, less than 15 miles from the shop, boasts a range of rock climbing routes from beginner level to expert as well as a beautiful area for camping, hiking and backpacking. Cross Country Connection offers a full range of gear for rock climbers and backpackers as well as for casual hikers and campers. Again, the store’s knowledgeable staff is an excellent resource for those seeking the appropriate gear for the adventure they desire. Generations of University of Wyoming students have been introduced to rock climbing at Vedauwoo with the help of the gear experts at Cross Country Connection. Visitors to the area, who may have forgotten to pack an important piece of gear or who need to acquire some additional apparel due to unforeseen weather conditions, will likely find what they need at Cross Country Connection.

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