Lunchtime Favorites at Jeffrey’s Bistro

Handmade and wholesome food is the signature of Jeffrey’s Bistro in Laramie, Wyoming, where the cheerful staff serves up a delicious variety of healthy entrees, soups, sandwiches, salads and desserts to loyal regular customers and delighted newcomers alike. The cozy restaurant is located in a historic brick building at 123 East Ivinson Avenue near the University of Wyoming campus. Jeffrey’s has a dedicated following among local diners, many of whom appreciate the wide variety of meatless, gluten free, and low fat dishes offered. With a healthy number of vegetarian options available alongside dishes with meat, there’s something for everyone on Jeffrey’s menu, making it an ideal place to visit with a group of friends who may have varied dietary needs without forcing anyone to sacrifice on taste. This restaurant also takes pride in their selection of award-winning wines and beers and they receive rave reviews on their handmade desserts.

Jeffrey’s Bistro serves lunch and dinner. Lunchtime favorites like sandwiches, soups and salads come made with a wide variety of fresh and nutritious ingredients, including seafood, that might ordinarily seem more at home on one of the coasts rather than landlocked southern Wyoming. On this colorful menu, turkey, chicken and fish sandwiches sit alongside vegetarian sandwiches like Kim’s Portobello Philly Cheese, Grilled Mushroom and Swiss and the vegan Oaxacan BBQ Tempeh which also comes in a BBQ chicken version for meat eaters. Any sandwich can be ordered with gluten free bread. The Crispy Black Bean Cheddar Burger and Cherry Chicken Salad sandwich are among diners’ favorite lunchtime choices.

Large entrée salads, popular both for lunch and dinner, offer a similar mix of carnivorous, vegetarian and vegan selections. Salads range from the light Gorgonzola Pecan with Fresh Apple and the Create Your Own Garden Salad option to spicy and hearty offerings like the vegan Sesame Thai Carrot with Baked Tofu, Bombay Spinach with Grilled Chicken Breast and Spicy Grilled Portobello with Avocado and Pepitas. Two special soups are offered daily and a menu of daily special entrees and sandwiches rotates throughout the week.

Perhaps the most compelling reason to visit Jeffrey’s Bistro is to enjoy fresh and exotic entrée options. Among the entrée selections, the Jambalaya with Cavatappi, made with either Tilapia or sausage sautéed in Cajun spices and served over the pasta, is a perennial favorite. Other entrées that the visitor might not expect to find in downtown Laramie, Wyoming include the Thai Curried Chicken with Bananas and Seafood Tetrazzini. The Savory Pot Pie, which can be ordered with either Tofu or Tempeh and topped with your choice of cheese, is heavy with vegetables, mushrooms and flavor. As with the rest of the menu and ample selection of vegetarian, vegan and gluten free options provides enough flexibility to keep the most varied group of diners satisfied. Lovers of Indian cuisine may enjoy the Dopiazah, which can be made with either eggplant or chicken and is infused with spicy garam masala, cumin, chili, cardamom and garlic. The Milanese chicken breast served on a bed of toasted almonds, spinach, basil and fettuccine in a pesto cream sauce provides a light take on favorite Italian flavors.

Save room for dessert! All of the delicious dessert options at Jeffrey’s Bistro are handmade, leading to high praise from local diners and visitors alike. The cheesecakes and fresh cobblers come highly recommended. Jeffrey’s Bistro offers a wide variety of food, prepared well and served in a pleasant and historical atmosphere.

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